Desrizione MG CAA / N / F and MG CAA / N / C

automatic closing and opening systems for both rope is for toothed belt

The groups differ only in mechanics, while the standard functions are equal

for both.

Opening functions:

1) via push button or pedal (opening up to 40-50 cm. To raise beyond these measures must

give a slight boot from the ups and downs)

2) through lightweight boot through ups and downs

3) in the manual mode by means of ascent button, the glass is opened as long as the button is

held down, at 40 or 50 cm. He stops to continue opening over this measure is necessary

hold the button for 2 seconds, as with other methods it exceeded the set threshold

a LED flashes and a buzzer sounds which can be set to play continuously or

a programmable time, while the LED continues to blink as long as you return to the safety position.

In manual glass condition can be moved by hand

To return the up and down are automatically must simultaneously hold

locking functions

1) automatically after the set time if there is no operator glass closes

In the case that the operator comes within the field of the sensor stops the glass

In manual you can make the glass down through the drop-down button as long as the button is

Pressed, releasing the glass stops at the extent to which it is located.

In both cases ascent and descent also holding the glass buttons stops reached

The minimum sizes and maximum aperture.


1) the glass will not go down as long as the operator is present

2) in the event that going down the glass are an obstacle opens and does not close until the manual reset

which consists in bringing the glass to the base closure manually

3) security is provided by an infrared ray which is placed under the glass, or through a system that feels the obstacle and opens a micro switch controlled by the system used

4) you can use instead of the PIR sensor using cross light curtain

mail within 5 cm. from the glass inward hood


The programming to be done on start-up is the following:

1) Low glass setting 8circa 3 cm. Before the mechanical stop

2) setting the glass position 40 or 50 cm.

3) setting the maximum opening (about 3 cm. Before the mechanical stop

4) System sensitivity setting (according to the type of glass slide)

5) the time when the buzzer setting should sound

6) time in which the glass must remain open before closing in the absence of operator


All programming is obtained by holding down a button on the controller for about 1 second


important safety system is that in the absence of power supply the glass can

be opened or closed manually


the standard equipment is supplied without pedal, senzaq photocells, without

Manual buttons and additional pulleys.



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